Your partner against spring frost for the responsible protection of your vineyards and orchard while respecting the environment


The First
Anti-frost candle

100% Natural

STOPGEL GREEN the organic candle to fight against spring frost

very low smoke emission

Vineyard protected from spring frost with STOPGEL GREEN, 100% natural anti-frost candles
STOPGEL GREEN candles lit in a smoke-free field visible in the morning

Specialized in the protection of orchards and vineyards against spring frosts, we are manufacturing STOPGEL anti-frost candlessince 1995.

quality candles / bougies
made in france

6 liter STOPGEL GREEN candle with a burning time of 8 hours
1st Organic Candle


Next generation anti-frost candle
  • Capacity: 6 Liters
  • Weight: 5.1 kg Net of “wax”
  • Duration: about 8 hours*
  • Packaging: 180 candles per pallet
  • Caloric Power: 25.5 MJ per hour (40MJ/KG)
  • Origin 100% natural and renewable
  • Biofuel: Stearin of natural origin
  • Setup: see following implementation map
80 liter GREEN STOPGEL barrel for antifrost towers with a combustion time of 5 hours
For Wind Towers


Additional heat for anti-frost tower
  • Capacity: 80 Liters
  • Weight: 68 kg Net of “wax”
  • Duration: about 6 hours*
  • Packaging: 12 barrels per pallet
  • Caloric Power: 125.6 MJ per hour (40MJ/KG)
  • Origin 100% natural and renewable
  • Biofuel: Stearin of natural origin
  • Setup: 10 to 12 barrels between 20 to 20 m around the tower

STOPGEL GREEN candles produce 50% more energy than paraffin/petroleum candles.

  • Calorific power of STOPGEL GREEN 100% 100%
  • Calorific power of paraffin/petroleum candles 66% 66%

STOPGEL GREEN candles are environment friendly with very little smoke emissions.

comparison of STOPGEL GREEN candles and petroleum based candles

implantation of stopgel green candles in vineyards and orchards

Temperature bellow 0°C

number of candles required per hectare




250 to 300


300 to 350

-5°C to -6°C

350 to 400

-6°C to -7°C

400 to 500

It is preferable to position 350 to 400 candles per hectare and to light at first 200 to 250 candles per hectare and the rest according to the evolution of the temperature.

Suggested Implantation Map: vineyard spaced 2 m x 1 m

Red: 250 to 300 candles per hectare for a frost between -3°C and -4°C
Blue: In addition, position another 150 to 200 candles per hectare, in anticipation of a frost from -4°C to -6°C to be ignited in a second phase if needed

* Average autonomy, which may vary according to the climatic conditions, wind, atmospheric pressure and the position of the candle (faster combustion if the candle is slightly inclined or on a slope)