Eco-friendly candles to fight against spring frost

Vitisphere, Tuesday, November 26, 2019 – What the editorial staff saw at the 2019 SITEVI tradeshow

„Exit paraffin-based candles. Make way to stearin. STOPGEL, a family-owned company that has been selling candles for the last 25 years to fight against springfrost, is is showcasing at SITEVI its 100% ecological « STOPGEL GREEN » candle. […] The benefits? It produces very little smoke. According to its users, it also produces a stronger flame than conventional candles.“

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STOPGEL candles, this Sunday morning, in the vineyard of Cognac

SudOuest, Sunday, May 5, 2019

„At Auge-Saint-Médard, in the Rouillacais, the thermometer went down to 0.7 ° C and 0.2 ° C on wet bulbs. François Jérôme Prioton, a winemaker in the commune, was able to test one of the anti-frost methods already used in Bordeaux: the STOPGEL candles.“

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Anti-frost candles and wind turbine together for a better protection against frost

Mon-Viti, Saturday, March 23, 2019

„The company STOPGEL recognized for its antiforst candles puts forward a new product. Barrel candles of 80 liters in natural wax to be placed between 20 and 30 meters around the wind turbines. „The heat that rises is then taken up by the blades of the wind turbines which ventilate hot air, explains Christian Chazalet. The autonomy is 5-6 hours. Count 8 barrels per wind turbine.“

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Three methods to save orchards from frost

Ouest-France, Friday, May 5, 2017

„To warm the feet of apricot trees, an ultimate „remedy“. 400 STOPGEL candles made of natural wax are installed on one hectare. The open flame reaches about thirty centimeters, and burns for eight hours. Without reaching the low leaves. […] A square of cardboard inside the pot replaces the traditional wick. „They are lit with a gas stove. At night, we would even see them flambé „the road of Puy-de-Serre,“ says Michel Charbonneau.“

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Des bougies pour protéger les vignes contre le gel

France Bleu, Tuesday, May 3, 2016

„Confronted with the risk of nocturnal frosts in his plots at the end of last week, the winemaker of Chavanay, Stéphane Montez, installed five hundred candles on nearly two hectares. A successful bet since even if the temperature went down to -2.5 degrees, his vines were not impacted!“

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Anti-Frost Kerze der neuen Generation

hr Partner für den verantwortungsvollen Schutz Ihrer Weinberge und Obstgärten mit


Die erste natürliche und umweltfreundliche Anti-Frost Kerze aus 100% natürlichem Grundstoff

STOPGEL Kerzen, Zuverlässiger Partner inIhren Weinberge und Obstgärten.

Seit 1995 sind wir spezialisiert auf den Schutz von Obstgärten und Weinbergen gegen Frühjahrsfröste und produzieren dafür unsere Anti-Frost-Kerzen STOPGEL. „Gel“ bedeutet dabei auf französisch „Frost“.