anti-frost Candles Stopgel



  • Capacity : 6 Liters
  • Duration : about 8 hours*


Barrel STOPGEL GREEN for wind towers

  • Capacity : 80 Liters
  • Duration : environ 6 hours*



  • Wax of origin 100% natural and renewable
  • Very low smoke emissions
  • Clean handling and very easy to use
  • Very fast ignition. Extinction at will
  • Stackable metal buckets with handle and lid
  • Biodegradable product
  • Product not subject to CE labeling


* Average autonomy, which may vary according to the climatic conditions, wind, atmospheric pressure and the position of the candle (faster combustion if the candle is slightly inclined or on a slope)


Advised Density in Vineyard and Orchards according to the frost intensity

Temperature bellow 0°C

– 2°

– 3°

– 4°

– 5° à – 6°

– 6° à -7°

Number of candles necessary per hectare 


250 / 300

300 / 350

350 / 400

400 / 500

Figures given for a spring frost with no wind

It is preferable to position 350 to 400 candles per hectare and to light at first 200 to 250 candles per hectare and the rest according to the evolution of the temperature.

See Setup Map for STOPGEL Antifrost Candles  


Next Generation Antifrost Candles

Your partner for the responsible protection of your vineyards and orchards with


The 1st anti-frost candle of 100% natural origin, renewable and environmentally friendly.

STOPGEL candles, internationally recognized efficiency and know-how.

Specialized in the protection of orchards and vineyards against spring frosts,
we have been manufacturing STOPGEL antifrost candles since 1995.